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Photosensitive drum (opc)

Toner cartridges FAQ
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2019-09-30 02:57
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1. Structure: The structure of the OPC is divided into a coating and a base material, and the base material is composed of an aluminum tube, and the coating can be roughly divided into a protective layer, a charge transport layer, and a charge generating layer.

2. Working principle: When OPC is exposed to charge and then contacted with toner, the toner will be absorbed and attached to the surface of the OPC due to the action of the electric field.

3. Note:The surface coating of the OPC is easily scratched and bruised;Keep the OPC away from direct sunlight and avoid long-term exposure of the fluorescent lamp.It is forbidden to hit the surface of the OPC with hard objects.

It is forbidden to directly touch the coating of the printing area of ​​the OPC by hand to avoid leaving sweat and oil, these actions will result in poor print quality.